If you have expressed an interest in collaborating with us on Instagram, it is important that you read and agree to the following terms.


We do not pay for promotions; we gift items for free in exchange for high quality photos that you showcase online to your followers.


  • You must post high quality, well lit photos on your social media that we have permission to use on both our social media platforms and website. We will always credit you.

  • You must follow us on Instagram (@soeursmode)

  • You must tag us in the post, story or link our website on your blogpost (if applicable)

  • You must agree to post your photo(s) within 1 week from receiving your item(s)

  • If you receive more than 1 item, you must create separate posts for each item and all items you receive must be promoted

  • You must show interest and passion in our brand and the ethics we stand for

  • You must be based in the UK


Despite there not being a payment to be made on your part, we still need to process the items through the website as if it were an actual order. This is to maintain stock levels and to also ensure that your details are used in a proper manner through safe and trusted channels.


When you have decided on the items you wish to promote, simply place an order through our website using your unique one-time code which will discount the total to £0.00. Your code will be provided via DM.


Your first order must have a maximum of 2 items in total, at least one of which must be a t-shirt.

We promise to process & send out your items within 5 working days max. You should then receive the items the next working day (depending on Royal Mail - this could stretch to 2 working days max).


If we have a particularly good result from your promotions, we may provide your followers with a unique code for them to use to receive 10% off each order but this will be at our discretion and is completely optional on your part. There isn’t currently a way that we can arrange for you to receive commission on these sales however, so promoting this is up to you.


This is not a recurrent agreement. If mutually agreed and depending on the results of our first collaboration however, we'd love to work with you on more than one occasion!


If you would like to work with us, please fill out the form below or drop us a message on Instagram!


Please also give this blog post a read: Click here

Please note: if you fail to post within the agreed time-frame and do not provide a reasonable explanation, you will need to return the items in the same condition you received them. Failure to do this will result in us issuing you an invoice for the products.


The Soeurs Mode Team

How many IG followers do you currently have?
If selected, do you give permission for us to use your photos on our website & social media platforms?
Can you commit to posting within 1 week of receiving your items?

Thanks for your interest!