7 Top Tips for Working From Home

For people who have settled into life working from the comfort of your own home, these tips might help you to structure your routine better, otherwise you may be new to the home team but we got ya. Here are 7 tips on how to make the most of working from home.

1. Set a morning routine

The gap between waking up in the morning and sitting at your computer desk starting to work needs to have a consistent lead up in order to be successful in working from home productively. Try getting up and making a coffee, having a shower or just simply getting dressed and make this something that happens every day before you sit down and sign into work-mode. You'll have more chance of being consistent each day if you make it a routine!

2. Get out of your pyjamas!

This one can work for some more than others but I found that if I crawled straight from my slumber and into work-mode, work-mode didn't tend to work for a few hours into the day which was less than ideal when it came to productivity. On the flip side however, I found that getting up and setting a morning routine of showering and getting dressed as if I were heading out to the office got my head in the right space to start working.

3. Set clear boundaries with those around you

If you live alone, this one might not be necessary but if you do have people sharing your household, remember to set boundaries and ask that they respect your working hours when you need to be at your most productive. If you share childcare for example, ask for specific times to be off limits for little interruptions when you can really get your head down and work. This may be troublesome if both parents are working from home (as I have experienced...) but coming to an arrangement and working out a schedule between you comes in useful.

4. Stick to regular hours

Yes, this may be hard if you are sharing childcare duties as mentioned in the last point but if you are able to work shifts between parents, this will help immensely. Otherwise just getting up at the same time every day (as close to your office working hours as possible) and setting the work day as you normally would will help your productivity levels to stay consistent. Try not to get up late then make up the time in the evening, this won't be consistent and can mess up your routine and productivity!

5. Keep a dedicated working space

If you're working from a computer set up in your study, then I guess you're sorted with this one. If you're hopping around the house from dining room table to sofa arm with your laptop, this may affect your ability to concentrate on any work at hand. Keeping a certain area consistent with your work-mode mentality will definitely get you in the right frame of mind for the work that needs to be done.

6. Take breaks

Just as you would in an office environment, you are entitled to taking breaks now and then. Especially if working from home is new to you, I think adjustments made rapidly can have a negative effect on your mental health so take a breather, take a coffee break and move yourself away from your computer screen for ten minutes.

7. Stay in touch with your colleagues

This one is probably an obvious one if you're close but sometimes being in a different environment can be made better by talking to people who get it. The people who just know. Staying in touch is also important if you usually work in a close knit team, the lack of socialising when your alone in your laptop can affect mental health massively so make sure you call Karen.

Let us know which top tip resonated most with you or if there's anything you would add to the list!


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