Mum Life Struggles

Model wearing t-shirt that reads 'Mum Hair Don't Care'
When you're a mum, it's easy to forget the make up and hair straighteners. But you'll have a reason not to care.

Being a new mum is H A R D. Even if your new baby is the sweetest most well behaved little pudding ever who feeds, poops and burps on demand, sleeps through the night and gives you next to no trouble at all, you still have the roller-coaster emotions of being responsible for this other little human who suddenly just came into your life. You're no longer just you and that alone can be difficult to get your head around.

You can love and love and love your tiny human to the furthest star in the universe and back, but the overwhelming sense of new responsibility can be a shock to the system and can affect new mums in ways they can't even comprehend. You can find yourself crying in aisle 6 because you forgot where they put the eggs, or crying hysterically watching your baby sleeping because you can't stop feeling like you're not good enough to be the mummy that your tiny person deserves.

BUT YOU SO ARE. And you're doing an amazing job. There's no such thing as a perfect parent, so just remember that the anxious feeling you get when you worry about not being a good mum means you're already doing a great job.

And on that note, we have a new #mumlife collection being added very soon so keep your eyes peeled for some sassy, mumtastic new designs!

Sending lots of positive mum vibes for those in need,

Rebecca x

PS. If you're seriously feeling down and it's starting to worry you or your loved ones, it could be a sign of post-natal depression which is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and does not have any reflection on how good of a mother you are. Speaking to your GP, midwife or health visitor about how you're feeling will help and they can put you on the right track to feeling better about everything. Just know that you're not alone.


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