We're Back! (+ VIP Treatment ⭐️)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

After taking a month out, we've decided to relaunch the website with some exciting new features! Including VIP rewards where you can collect points which can be redeemed for discount codes saving you money site wide!

Look out for the following icons when browsing the site!

Ways you can earn points:

- Like us on Facebook (100 points)

- Follow us on Twitter (100 points)

- Follow us on Instagram (100 points)

- Share on Facebook (200 points)

- Share on Twitter (100 points)

- Place an order (3 points for every £1 spent)

- For the first 20 members to join the loyalty programme, we are giving away a FREE 500 points!

If you sign up but find that you already follow us on social media and it's not registering your points, try unfollowing and following again and it should update.

Ways you can redeem your points:

Choose from a number of VIP offers and spend your points on discounts to suit you!

- Each 100pts can be converted into £1 so if you manage to collect 1000pts, you can redeem these for a code worth £10 for your next order!

- For a limited time, we also have an option to redeem a 40% off code for just 1000pts on orders over £40! This could save you a minimum of £16 on your order!

Click on the rewards icon for more info or drop us an email if you need anything!


Rebecca & Sophie xx


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